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Livermore Valley Repeaters       tower02


Here is a link to the audio and slide presentation that Dave, KK6DF gave at the March 2014 meeting. "Terrain Assessment - Using HFTA and MicroDEM." A case study using HFTA and MicroDEM from the ARRL Antenna Handbook to do Terrain Assessment for HF DXCC.

Outpost Packet Message Manager
Outpost is a Windows-based packet message client that lets you send and receive packet messages with almost any Amateur Radio Bulletin Board System (BBS) or TNC Personal Mail Box.

Powerpole Connectors      

The Presidential Yacht Potomac  (LARK provided HF radio)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
   FCC License Renewals
   FCC License Renewal Instructions

ARRL - American Radio Relay League

California QSO Party - (CQP) is the premier state QSO party held every year on the first weekend of October. The Northern California Contest Club (NCCC) sponsors the contest.

Sunol Ridge Repeater Group

Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club

South Bay Amatuer Radio Association serving the amateur radio community in the Tri-city area of Fremont, Newark, and Union City.

QRZ Amateur Directory

Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS)  and restoration of ex-RCA coast station KPH

Amateur Radio Newsline

G3SEK's Amateur Radio Technical Notebook  (VHF,UFH, Moonbounce)

AC6V's Technical Reference Learn CW online in your browser. Convert text to Morse and more. A very good discussion of how an Off-Center-Fed Dipole works.  His center loading is only to make 80m work better and to get 30m, otherwise excellent information with references.

Balun Designs  High quality baluns and ununs at reasonable prices.

TeraTerm - General-purpose serial and TCPIP/Telnet terminal program.  A good replacement for HyperTerm included with previous versions of Windows.  Available from multiple sources.  A web site dedicated to precise Time & Frequency

Ether Web Network - High Speed Wireless Internet for the Livermore/Pleasanton Valley

SLV reference 1
SLV reference 2

Get WinZip

PC downloads are often compressed in ZIP format, to reduce download times. ZIP files can be decompressed with the free tool Winzip.

From the WebMaster, an obvious plug for a book about my fatherīs ship in W.W.I.I.
"Lucky Lady" by Steve Jackson

Protect Your Brain: AFDB

OATBRAN - One Awesome Tour Bike Ride Across Nevada

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