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In person meetings have resumed in the new location .

Welcome to the Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) web site.

The Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) was incorporated on July 30, 1959,  as a nonprofit association of persons commonly interested in amateur radio. LARK serves the communities of Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin California, and the surrounding Tri-Valley area. LARK is also affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).


Full membership in LARK is open to all persons holding a valid Amateur Radio License issued by the FCC or legal aliens with valid Reciprocal Operating Privileges. An Associate membership is available for all other persons wishing to join LARK who do not hold a valid Amateur Radio License.

Membership inquiries should be made to the current membership chairperson as listed in the Contacts and Membership area of this web site.

LARK Amateur Radio Testing Process
LARK conducts testing sessions on an as-needed / as-requested basis immediately following the Klub meetings. To request or determine if there will be a testing session please contact Ron Kane, AD6KV ad6kv02(AD6KV at at least 2 weeks in advance so that arrangements can be made. We can support test sessions nearly every month and will make an effort to accommodate all requests but unfortunately there will be some we are unable to satisfy.  See the Meetings page for directions.

The testing session will begin immediately following the LARK meeting.  The ending time of the meetings varies, so we ask that applicants be at the LARK meeting no later than 10:30 AM.  We encourage attendance for the whole meeting which begins at 9:30 AM.

For other exams in the local area see: , where you can do a ARRL Exam Session Search.  You can search by state or by ZIP Code and distance you are willing to travel.

Amateur Radio Technician License Training Class
LARK conducts a training class several times each year that will teach you what you need to know to take and pass the "Technician" level licensing test… and you don't need to learn Morse Code for ANY level license.  The next class is not scheduled at this time.


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FIELD DAY  June 25, 26 2022
Field Day is an opportunity to learn how to set up and operate ham radio equipment under simulated emergency conditions - we take the equipment to an unprepared location, set it up and operate it. You can also operate as if it's a contest where you make as many contacts as possible in the allowed time but that's really optional.

LARK also has a family member BBQ on Saturday night where we meet and catch up with friends.
The sunspot cycle is getting much better.  We'll try all frequencies available and see what happens.

Location:  to be announced

Patterson Pass Road Race   Sunday, August 7, 2022
This event takes place in the hills east of Livermore on Sunday, August 7th. The races start at 8am and finish about 1pm. As a ham radio volunteer, you are there to provide emergency communications at planned stationary posts from 7am-1pm approx., there will be a radio check-in at 7:45am. The ham radio volunteer should be able to handle this assignment with a handheld.
Amateur Radio coordinator:  George Moorehead, KG6GEM     kg6wiu104
Sign Up online here:

PACIFICON - October 14-16, 2022
San Ramon Marriott

PACIFICON Swap Meet - Sunday, October 16th, 2022
The Swap Meet is held on Sunday morning at PACIFICON. LARK has hosted this event for the MDARC Radio Ham Club in the past years and have been requested to support the event again.
There are two shifts available:

LARK Ham Coordinator: George Moorehead (KG6GEM) kg6wiu104
Sign Up online here:

How to have Amateur Radio support for your event 
If you would like Amateur Radio Communications support for your event and for assistance in planning for better communications and safety concerns and event coordination, we can help. LARK can provide communications support for all areas where the event is taking place as well as in areas where cell phones do not work. We also can provide communications for the SAG/Sweep Vehicles, Rest Stops, Water Stations, etc. Please contact the LARK Events Coordinator listed on the Contacts Page for assistance.

Hosted at CordHosting

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